Amberstone Guarding Limited are championing the development of tablet and mobile technology as part of our integrated solution namely, our Guarded 365 platform which is driven through App based technology.

Intelligence centre

The Amberstone Guarding Intelligence Centre is developed around a strong grasp of technology, blended with manpower solutions in Amberstone’s guarding division.

Primary function of our Intelligence Centre:

  • Support decision making
  • Maximise ROI on all security initiatives

Data delivered to the Intelligence Centre is used to ensure that the resource matches the risk. For example, through the data captured our Intelligence Centre can action against and identify the following;

  • Trend analysis on threats and historical data
  • In retail, crime mapping and trend analysis to determine where the resource is require
  • High risk stores / sites
  • Repeat offender profiling and follow up investigations
  • Threat levels
  • Lone worker solution
  • Remotely monitored, incident driven technology to reduce and support manpower
  • Compliance
Amberstone Control Room

Guarded 365 & Access Guarded

Guarded on Duty and Access Guarded, both of which are available on Android and iOS devices, allow our officers to report and manage their duties through these platforms.

Software screenshot


Pro-Inform provides clear and easily interpretable real-time performance data that can be measured against Key Performance Indicators demonstrating a true ROI.

Software screenshot