Amberstone Guarding Gender Pay Gap Data

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay between male and female employees:


Difference in median hourly rate of pay between male and female employees:


Difference in mean bonus pay:


Difference in median bonus pay:



What do these figures mean? 

When we look at the mean average hourly pay rate for our male employees versus our female employees, female employees earn on average 11% more than male employees. When we look at the median average hourly pay rate, female employees earn on average 4% more than our male employees. In the past year, Amberstone Guarding has not awarded bonuses to any employees, and as result the difference in these figures is zero.


All of our employee’s pay rates are based directly on the rate we charge our clients. Our bid management team work hard to ensure that we provide our valued customers with rates which are competitive, but enable us to provide a high standard of security officers, and remain an employer of choice. The rate we can pay our security officers will vary depending on which client they work for, and on which site. Amberstone Guarding is an Equal Opportunities Employer, and we are committed to ensuring that our male and female employees are paid equally.


Employees by Pay Quartile





Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile




What do these figures mean? 

Amberstone work in an industry which has historically had a high percentage of male employees to female, and this industry trend is reflected the figures above. The amount of males employees in our organisation outnumbers females, and we know from our own benchmarking exercises that this is normal for the security industry and is in line with the amount of females who hold SIA licences versus the amount of male SIA licence holders. However, Amberstone Guarding wants to work to change this. We want to attract new talent to the industry as part of our commitment to leading innovation in the industry. We feel that female employees can bring a new dynamic to a forward-thinking era of the security industry, and to this end, Amberstone Guarding are planning to roll out training courses in 2018 to enable more females to become SIA licence holders, and start a career with Amberstone Guarding and the industry. We know we have more work to do in this area, and we are excited to see how the demographic of the security industry changes, with Amberstone Guarding being at the forefront of this.